DCC Winter 2019

I went to DCC winter with the people from Hype Creations, who organised the cosplay compos the two days, took care of the guests and a lot more. Go check out their site for more info about them and what they do.

I’ve decreased the amount of conventions that I go to a lot lately, because more and more I was getting the feeling that it was no longer worth it to shoot at most cons because of the lack of good spots to shoot, unless you wanted to go outside in the cold or if you are invited by the con to shoot for them. DCC however seems to realise that cosplayers want pictures of their cosplays and they provided a large part of one of their halls for that. This was great!! This reminded me of the old days of Japan Expo, when photographers got together at the same spot, so cosplayers could go there and shoot with everyone, without having to search for photographers all over the con. One of the main reasons for no longer going to Japex is the fact that they made this really difficult the last few years. So when I found out that DCC was providing a neutral wall in a decently lit hall I wanted to go and take a look.

I really enjoyed this more than I expected. Not struggling in the dark to focus, not being in corridors where people bump into you while working, heaven. Not everything was positive, of course, quite some people had trouble finding the place, because it wasn’t really well indicated that you had to go up the stairs to find that room. The map was a bit confusing too, which didn’t help.

But overall, it was a really enjoyable experience that I hope they will repeat, because this is something both cosplayers and photographers will really enjoy.