About me

I’m a guy with a camera who likes to take pictures. I often show up at cosplay conventions and compared to many of those there I try to take a bath before going there, but most of the time it’s just a shower.

I got into photography somewhere around 2007 and one of the first things I started doing was beachvolley photography. Because this is kinda difficult in winter, I ended up in a photoclub where we mainly did modelshoots and where I learned most of what I now know about photography.

Somewhere along the road I ended up at a convention and from there it all went wrong, making me end up at cosplay events ever since 🙂

Some events where you may have seen my photos used in the last few years include Eurocosplay, Animecon/C4 and ECG.

For now i’m planning to do a lot less events and concentrate more on shoots, since I no longer feel that at most conventions I can do quality work.

And because I get the question a lot.. N8e comes from my family name: Nachtergaele, which got shortened to Nachte. And since acht = 8 in Dutch..

Events I’ve been invited to

  • Eurocosplay since 201X
  • Unicon Latvia in 2016 and 2017
  • NowJapan Lithuania 2017
  • European cosplay academy 2018

Other places to find me