A website? In 2019?

After years of relying on facebook, instagram, deviantart or other services to share my pictures I’ve come to the point where i felt the need to make a site again. None of those sites feel worth the effort that I put in them during all those years.

Facebook: if you like ultra compressed images that nobody sees, if you like getting notifications about nobody seeing your images unless you pay them or if you like getting notifications which then actually turn out to be fake, this site is for you. The photo shows fb at it’s worst. One true notification and EIGHT that basically were just meant to make me open the app or site and check what was going on.

Instagram: slowly going the same route as facebook lately, where you actually have the constant fight with the algorithm. Where you can only ‘decently’ interact with other people via a phone’s keyboard, because the website has most of it’s usability stripped, so that you can be forced to use the app, to show more adds than actual photos. Where photo’s are only available in low quality phone screen size. Worst part of it all, the horrible aspect ratio they force upon the pictures. The times i’d have a picture i wanted to post but wasn’t able to because i’d have to cut of the feet or crop it in such a way that the photo couldn’t breathe anymore.

Deviantart: this still is a good alternative, if you are into all kinds of weird fetishes… But in reality, almost no one from the general public goes there. Even the cosplay community seems to have largely abandoned it, except for a few.

Flickr: they lured in people with their free option, got sold and then.. oh btw, wan’t to keep your photos? Start paying. Many people lost their trust in them and honestly.. visibility on there wasn’t that great either.

That is why I finally sat down and made a site for my own again. So that I can show my pictures the way I want them to be seen. Not hindered by some algorithm, not compressed to a point where you can’t recognise the people in it due to compression artefacts on their face. Not having to pay attention to (fake) notification, like counts or whatever they come up with next. Will less people see them? Of course. Am I bothered by this? Not anymore. I’ve given up on my fb page already, I haven’t posted to instagram for weeks, so anyone who sees them here is one person more who will see them.

Is this site finished? Absolutely not, I’ll be adding more functionality to it to make managing it easier, but for now, I’ll slowly be going over all my old photos to edit some of my old favourites again and post them here so that they can finally be visible again.

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